Best Mouse Buying Guide (Laptop, PC)

Best Mouse Buying Guide (Laptop, PC)

A mouse is a very useful accessory in Laptop, PC, and TV, we use this accessory the most and we should not get confused by looking at many products in the market, which mouse should be taken, so this Mouse Buying Guide was created.

If you want to buy a mouse for your PC, laptop or TV, then you must be confused by seeing many options in the market that which mouse we should buy, today I have FIGURATIVE the solution to your problem here.

When we buy a laptop or build a new PC, then we do a lot of research on it, but we never do much research while buying a mouse, we do not pay attention to the fact that a good mouse can save a lot of our time.

We buy a simple mouse which is cheap for us, but it also lengthens some of our small tasks, due to which we take a lot of time on easy things and it is not so good that we work on it for a long time.

Let us go to the Mouse Buying Guide and know in detail how we should buy a good mouse according to our budget.

Mouse Buying Guide

Build Quality/Clicks

If you are taking a mouse, then its build quality matters a lot, you must see that its clicks are like this and whether it is comfortable to hold hands or not.

It must be kept in mind that its click should be smooth so that you can click easily and not hurt your hands after working for a long time.

Unique Design

The mouse you want to take, note that it should be taken with a unique design because along with working, it is important to have access to the good-looking mouse.

if you have a beautiful mouse placed on your setup then it has a different effect. Always pay attention to the look and feel of the mouse.

Programmable Buttons

As you know that four to five different Programmable Buttons are given in some mice which you can customize according to your work or software, then keep in mind that those Programmable Buttons are available in your mouse, and by customizing them good work experience.


This question must also come to your mind whether to take a wired mouse or a wireless mouse, then the easiest answer is that you try to get a good wireless mouse in your budget, if you get a good wireless mouse in your budget. So you must take that.

If you get a good wired mouse in your budget and the wireless mouse is not very good, then you can take a wired mouse, mostly wired mouse is used for heavy work or detailed work and wired mice are also very good.


If you want to take a wireless mouse, then you have to see whether you will take a rechargeable mouse or a mouse with a battery.

For this, if you believe me, you can take a mouse with a battery, because a mouse with a battery runs on a battery for 12 to 14 months, after that you can change the battery, and the battery is also very cheap.

If you take a rechargeable mouse, then you will have to charge it after every 5-6 days, and over time its battery will also deteriorate and your mouse will be of no use.

Mouse Sensors

There are two sensors in any type of mouse, in which the first is a laser sensor and the second an optical sensor, both of which work in different ways.

Laser Sensor

The laser sensor is in a normal mouse, if you are taking a gaming mouse, then try not to take a laser sensor, because it is less good than the optical sensor.

Optical Sensor

If you are taking a gaming mouse then you should always take an optical sensor in it because it is very good for gaming and the optical sensor works well for action gaming.

Polling Rate & Response Time

When you go to buy a Gaming Mouse, you must check its polling rate once. The polling rate is measured in Hz.

The higher the polling rate of the mouse, the better its response time will be and if you have at least the response time, you will be able to have a very good gaming experience, so you must check the polling rate.

You can understand the response time and polling rate by looking at this table.

Polling Rate (Hz)Response Time (ms)
125 Hz8 ms
250 Hz4 ms
500 Hz2 ms
1000 Hz1 ms
2000 Hz0.5 ms
3000 Hz0.3 ms


DPI means – “Dots per Inch” Mainly whenever we talk about mice, according to DPI the quality of a mouse is told, DPI is very useful in gaming.

To understand DPI in simple words, then the lower the DPI, the more physically you have to move the mouse to move your cursor farther on the screen, and the higher the DPI, the more you can move the cursor on the screen farther by moving the less mouse.

It is of more use for gaming when we have to bring Cursor to more places in a very short time and Gaming Mouse also has the option of setting DPI like if we want to take Sniper Shot then we do not have to move the mouse much. That’s why we reduce the DPI completely, and when we have to use Assault Rifle, then we increase the DPI so that we can cover the maximum area of ​​the fire.


If you take a wireless mouse, then there are mainly two types of connection ports, one you can connect your mouse to a laptop or PC via Bluetooth, and the other through USB type A you can connect a mouse to laptop or PC. can do.

If you take a wired mouse, then you get the option to connect the mouse to the laptop or PC through USB type A, nowadays some mouse is also available with C type connection.

Software Support

If you take a Gaming Mouse in which you get a lot of Programmable Buttons, then you also get software support with it, you can customize your buttons by installing the software of that mouse separately on your PC.

Best Mouse Under Your Budget

Here Mouse Buying Guide is given but according to Common Budget Best Mouse is the best Mouse, according to this Mouse Buying Guide.

The best mouse under 2500 which is perfect for any type of work according to this Mouse Buying Guide is this mouse –

Logitech G304 LightSpeed Wireless Mouse

best mouse under 2000
  • 40g Weight
  • 20 Million clicks
  • 1ms Response Time
  • 1000 Hz Polling Rate
  • 6 programmable Buttons
  • Up to 12k DPI (200-12000 DPI)


Here we have learned what things we have to pay attention to in order to buy a mouse and what features are needed in a mouse at the time, by using which we can make our work more fast and easy.

Along with this, we have also told you four mice with a common budget here, if your budget is around them then you can buy these mice, they give you very good quality and very good features in this budget.



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