Hybrid Sim slot | Meaning and Use

If you have searched Google on what a hybrid sim slot is, then you have come to the right place.

In today\’s mobile phones, there is a standard SIM tray, in which you can put two SIM cards or one SIM card and one SD card. So to run two SIM and one SD card in your mobile, a hybrid SIM slot is used

Hybrid Sim Slot

When people hear about this hybrid sim slot, they wonder what it is, what is its work?

Hybrid SIM Slot

So let me tell you that with this you can run an SD card with two SIM cards on your mobile phone. With this, you can increase the storage of your phone with an SD card even when you run both your SIM cards on your phone.

How to fix Hybrid Sim Slot

Step 1. First, remove the SIM tray from your phone and then remove the SIM from it.

Step 2. Now insert one SIM card and memory card into the SIM tray of your phone and insert the other SIM into the hybrid SIM slot.


Step 3. Now put the other end of your hybrid sim slot on the back of the SD card so that your SIM tray goes into the mobile.

You can easily do this work, so I have given you a YouTube video below, which you can easily see by watching.

What is Hybrid Sim Slot

The hybrid sim slot is a kind of machine through which you can run your two SIM and one memory card on the one Mobile.

Hybrid Sim Slot is such a thing where you can place two SIM cards + one Micro SD card at the same time. If you want, you can place two SIM cards in a hybrid card slot. Or if you are happy with only one SIM, then you can increase the storage capacity by putting Micro SD in the remaining space on the slot.

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You can see the photo above that when inserting a hybrid sim slot you can use two SIM and sd cards simultaneously.

what is Dedicated SIM Slot

Dedicated slot refers to a non-hybrid slot, ie you can also use a micro sd memory card with two sim cards at the same time. So in total, it has three slots, 2 for SIM and 1 for memory card.

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