Best Smartphone Buying Guide

Hello Guys, If you want to buy a mobile phone, then you will find here the Best Smartphone Buying Guide, which you can read and choose the best mobile phone for yourself.

Whenever you buy a mobile phone, you must have kept in mind many things like processor, camera, battery, etc. But apart from these, there are many such things which we should buy mobile keeping in mind.

Today we will talk here that while buying a mobile phone, apart from the processor, camera, and battery, what other things should be kept in mind so that you can buy the best Smartphone in your budget?

If you want to buy the best Smartphone on your budget, then you have to choose your Smartphone keeping in mind all the things given below, to choose a good phone, you should have good knowledge about them which we have given you here in detail.

When I also did not know much about technology, then I also made such a mistake many times, I bought a Smartphone without doing any investigation, after listening to people’s words, and later I come to know that in that budget I can get a better mobile than this. These things could not happen to you, so I am writing for you today in the best Smartphone buying guide, which you can read and choose a good Smartphone for yourself.

Best Smartphone Buying Guide

First of all, let me tell you the points that you have to keep in mind while buying a Smartphone and you have to buy a Smartphone after testing those points only.

Your Budget

To buy a Smartphone, you should first choose your budget and after that according to your budget, you should search on the internet which can be the best Smartphone for you your budget. The smartphone should be tested on the given points.

First, if you choose your budget, then it will be very easy for you to compare the rest of the points according to your budget, and you can easily compare many products according to your budget.

Your Purpose

After choosing your budget, you can see for what reason you want to take a Smartphone. If you want to get Smartphone just for calling and simple browsing then you can take a budget phone.

If you want to get a Smartphone for gaming etc. then you will have to increase your budget a bit and should take a good Smartphone which you will be able to do gaming very well.

Pick Your Operating System

Which operating system will be in your phone, matters a lot, in today’s time there are only two operating systems in the market which are leading the whole market, both of them are named Android and iOS.


If we talk about the android operating system, then it is an open source operating system but in today’s time in which android mobiles are running google android, google android is modified by google which gets custom google apps and Android runs completely on Google itself.


The iOS operating system comes from Apple, which is the official operating system of Apple. All Apple products have a different operating system or we can say that Apple works on its own ecosystem.

You can choose an operating system for yourself out of these two operating systems and only then do you follow the further points by choosing the best operating system for you out of these two.


When you buy a mobile phone, the display is a very important point in it, you must choose a good display for your mobile phone, which you choose an AMOLED display, super AMOLED display, or any other type of display that comes on the market nowadays.

To know more about the display, I am putting a video here, you can see this and know in detail about all the displays coming in the new generation mobiles.


I have many friends who take mobile phones only for cameras, or they take mobile only for taking photos, I do not like to take photos very much, but I have many such friends who keep taking photos all day long, and Keep posting on social media.

If you also like to take photos, then you can take a smartphone with a good camera, which has good camera quality and is the best camera phone in your budget.

Know Your Processor

In today’s time, there are many such companies in the market that make smartphone processors like snapdragon and Exynos, etc. And there are many such companies which make their own processor like Apple company nowadays.

There are different companies that make their own processors, you can compare all those processors and choose the latest and best processor according to your phone.

To compare all the processors coming in today’s time, I am adding a YouTube video here, which you can watch and understand about Processor at a very deep level.


If we see, everyone playing the game on their phone and to play the game, it is very important to have good ram on your phone. If your phone is less than 4 GB RAM, then you will not be able to do gaming well in it.

So you should take at least 4 GB in today’s time and all the phones coming above ₹10000 have more than 4 GB of RAM.


If we talk about storage in the smartphone, in today’s time all the smartphones that come above 10,000 get 64GB of storage in it, out of which most of the storage is taken by your operating system and installed apps, so you should buy a phone with more than 64 GB of storage.

If there is an option to update the storage in your phone or there is an option to extend it by installing a separate memory card, then you can go with that too.


Whenever you are getting a new phone, then definitely check its battery and see how many mAh batteries you are getting in it and definitely check the review of that phone and check its battery backup inside the review that people should check its battery.

How many hours of backup are we telling because while taking a phone, we definitely want that our phone should give maximum battery backup so that we do not have to keep the charger in the phone for the whole day?


Here we have known in detail how you can choose the best phone for yourself, in today’s time an Android phone or an Apple phone or we can say that having a Smartphone in hand is very important because people use that phone. We judge your status since then and a Smartphone is very much needed even for everyday tasks.

I have bought many phones to date and have also sold many phones, so I know what type of phone a person should take according to his budget and as we see in the market that everyday technology is improving something or the other. If so, then you also have to keep yourself updated to keep up with the technology.

After reading this article, you must have learned well how to choose a good phone for yourself, so that you will be able to choose the best phone for yourself in the future and also choose a good phone for your family members in the future. Best Smartphone Buying Guide.



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